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´╗┐Eczema Treatment for the Quickest Relief

from: Skin Care Adviser

You've gone to the doctor and now a dermatologist for you skin condition. You've been told you have eczema. You're probably are wondering what kind of eczema treatment you're going to get and how soon it will begin to work.

The first thing your dermatologist will do is determine what kind of eczema you have and then he'll prescribe the best eczema treatment based on his findings. Your doctor or dermatologist will also take into consideration the severity of your eczema and your medical history before making his recommendation for eczema treatment.

When you have eczema, your skin will appear to have a rash. It may consist of dry and scaly skin or you may have big bumps that may bubble and ooze.

In some situations, the bumps or lesions may become infected. This can often be avoided if you don't scratch them. The eczema treatment your doctor will prescribe will be for a number of things including controlling the itching, reducing and inflammation, loosening and removing scaly lesions, reducing any new lesions and clearing up the infection.

It's important that you don't enter your doctor's office expecting an immediate eczema treatment. There is no such thing as a "one treatment cures all" for eczema. Just as everyone's skin is different, so is each case of eczema.

Most medical research has shown that the best and most effective eczema treatment consists of a variety of therapies to treat your skin as well as lifestyle changes to prevent any future flare-ups. Treatment of this kind tends to be more effective as well as lessening the chances of medication side effects.

The type of eczema treatment your doctor prescribes will depend on a number of things including the severity of your eczema, any past treatment and your personal preference.

The most often prescribed medication is a topical treatment, which is medication that is applied to the skin like a lotion, cream or ointment. There are varieties of topicals that are recommended for eczema treatment.

Your doctor will discuss with you each available kind and explain why one certain one may work better than another may. In some cases, more than is prescribed.

In more severe cases of eczema, the dermatologist may use phototherapy or systemic medication.

Phototherapy is a type of eczema treatment that uses light therapy to help heal your skin. Either the entire skin or just the lesions are exposed to ultraviolet light. Systemic medication is medication that goes through your entire body. There are many types of eczema treatment depending on the type of eczema.

With the correct type, your eczema will be under control in no time.